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Call for Paper Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwicklung (ZFHE)

30. März 2021 – 30. April 2021 – Online

Call for Papers for the Special issue "Cultivating a culture of experimentation in higher-education teaching and learning: Evaluation of recent experiences and transfer to the new-normal"

Dear dghd colleagues

We are currently inviting authors for an English-language special issue of the Journal for Higher Education Development (Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwicklung) on research and reflections on the recent (COVID-19-related) experiences and transfer to the new-normal in higher-education teaching and learning.

We would be very glad if you could both contribute a paper yourself and forward this message to colleagues who might be interesting in contributing!

Please find all information about the call for papers here: https://zfhe.at/index.php/zfhe/announcement/view/88

Deadline for sending in contributions is 30 April, 2021, but will likely be extended.

Thank you a lot for your support in advance!



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