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Aktuelles rund um die Aktivitäten der dghd! Noch näher am Geschehen: Folgen Sie @dghd_info bei Twitter, um keine Neuigkeit aus der Hochschuldidaktik zu verpassen. Artikel, Stellenausschreibungen, Tagungsinfos - aktueller geht es nicht.

focus URE” conference, from June 5-7, 2019, at Hohenheim University

The aim of this conference is to advance the concept and implementation of URE by applying

  1. Knowledge of basic principles of the learning process;
  2. Experiences with particular formats of URE;
  3. Results from URE impact studies.

We aim at bringing together scientists from a variety of disciplines and countries working on underpinnings, requirements and effects of URE.

For further information please visit our homepage.

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